Nightcrawlers Are King

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What will a nightcrawler catch?

Nightcrawlers Are King

There's not a fish in the water that won't eat a nightcrawler or their smaller cousins, the earthworm.

Worms end up washed into the water during rainstorms, to be sure, but under normal conditions are not something fish are accustomed to seeing. The wriggling action, soft body and scent make up for the lack of familiarity and make worms one of the most effective live baits we use.

Hook the worm as lightly as possible. Dead worms attract few fish but the lively action of fresh ones will take the smallest bluegill right up through the largest muskie or bass. Keep worms fresh in commercial worm soil mixtures and containers that you can buy at the bait shop for best results. A can with moist, loose soil and some garden scraps will do in a pinch.



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