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101 Fishing Tips

Fishing is one of America's favorite sports. Millions of anglers enjoy spending a relaxing day on the water and every year we spend a billion dollars to do it. Is fishing popular? You bet!

Everyone knows something about fishing. We range from the amateur angler to the tried and true tournament professional with most of us falling somewhere in between. But no matter how much we know, there's always room for improvement. It is with the hope that every reader will glean a bit of fishing wisdom and pick up a helpful trick or two that I've written 101 Fishing Tips.

I've been fishing for nearly 50 years and have discovered a multitude of shortcuts, tricks on presentations and explored ways to make fishing more affordable. I've learned from the pros who make a living catching fish as well as from folks like me. There's no doubt I've become a better angler by listening to others.

Many of these tips are practices that professional anglers and guides use as a matter of course. Some are the result of my own experience. Quite a few are from anglers like you who have learned how to fish more effectively and been willing to share what they know. In 101 Fishing Tips you will find new ways to make your lure presentations more effective, unravel the mysteries of waters you've never visited and inexpensively fill your tacklebox with fish-busting baits. Learn the tricks of the pros as you discover simple tactics that will put fish in the boat. Increase your catches by keying in on the right kind of habitat with the right kind of bait. Enjoy the occasional trophy-class fish that you only dreamed of catching before.

With that being said, here are 101 Fishing Tips and have a great day on the water!

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