Weighting Your Line Without Killing Your Lure's Action

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How do I make my floating crankbait run deeper?

Weighting Your Line Without Killing Your Lure's Action

As a child I used to pub a split shot or two on the line right in front of my floating crankbait to make it run a little deeper. In theory, it works, but the result is a bait with less wobble and zing. Try putting that same split shot two feet up the line and the bait will maintain more of its action. The more distance between your line weight and the bait, the more action is preserved.

Attaching a commercial lure weight to the crankbait body can accomplish the same thing and the lure will run a little lower in the water on a straight retrieve or trolling. Depending on how much weight and where you attach it will determine how much it affects the lure's action. If you really want to fish deeper, you may be better off to switch to a countdown lure or a spinnerbait.

While fishing sandy or rocky bottom for bass or walleyes, tie on a diving crankbait and then enough weight to keep the bait right on the bottom. The crankbait will kick up sand and click against the rocks, powerful stimuli to a predator looking for a meal.



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