Ignore the Latest "Super Bait"

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What about the new super baits?

Ignore the Latest "Super Bait"

Marketing directors for bait manufacturers know that their job is to sell baits to anglers first, and make sure the lures catch fish second. Have you ever looked at a topwater bait? The realistic frog pattern, life-like eyes and natural coloration are all on top of the lure, not on the bottom where the fish can see it. The bait caught the angler and won't necessarily catch fish.

This is the tack that new "super baits" take. Claims are inflated with promises of results, none of which can be substantiated. The manufacturers leave a wake behind them of disappointed anglers and tackleboxes stocked with baits that are pretty much a waste of time.

There are plenty of tried-and-true baits on the market that catch fish consistently. Stick with what works.



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