Picking Your Fishing Destination

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How can I decide where to go fishing?

Picking Your Fishing Destination

Deciding where to fish is crucial to your fishing success. If you're looking for fast action, trophy-class angling or just a few fish to take home to eat, the destination is an important consideration.

When you know what you want to catch, pick your destination carefully. Search the Internet for contact information and call bait shops, state fisheries biologists and tournament contacts and ask them for recommendations. Many times you'll find out where your favorite species is currently hitting right down to specific locations on the lake, or even by GPS coordinates. We all know that when we start talking fishing, we really start talking.

The next step is to find a place to stay. Again, an Internet search will put you onto a nice campground, motel or lodge where you can hang your hat while you're out on the water.



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