Alligator Gar

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What is an Aligator Gar?

Alligator Gar

Science Name: Lepisosteus spatula
Other Names: gar, garfish, garpike, gater gar
World Record: 279 lbs. Rio Grande River
Environment: river, lake
Techniques: med to heavy action rod and reels, bow fishing
Range: Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina



5/28/2007 10:27:30 AM
Ryan Dee said:

Bowfishing this species is exciting, and a lot of fun...Myself and the rest of the mossback crew from Mossyback Outfitters have taken many 200lb+ gar out of rivers, lakes etc...if you have access to a gravel pit those seem to hold big gator gar as call to schedule a Texas Bowfishing trip call Jared at 972-977-5039...we stand beside our guarantees and we guarantee you a few 50lb.+ gar or your trip is free...Great affordable prices, we look forward to hearing from you..
Thank you, The Mossyback Boys

7/23/2009 10:08:53 PM
fishboy said:

the garfish fights in a diffrent way from other fish it has a lazy fighting style all you need to catch this fish is a strong line and test a cork and a very sharp hook. use most avalable bait in the water that is most likely what they are biteing on


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