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How do I know what to look for in a fly rod?

Buying a Fly Rod

So you're ready to put down some bucks for a new fly rod. The question is, what should you get and what should you look for. The fly rod is the most important piece of equipment that you'll own to go fly fishing. For some guidelines to buy a decent piece of equipment, read on:

• Expect to pay a reasonable price for your rod. You don't have to blow the bank, but a well-made rod will run you at least $100 to $500 dollars.
• Get a rod based on the type of fishing you're planning on doing. Are you planning on spending your time in the middle of a big lake or by a river or stream?
• Test, test, and test some more. You need to try out the rod to see how it casts and whether it's compatible with your body mechanics. Some rods have a slow and flexible rod action. Some rods are stiff with a fast rod action.

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