Catching Pressured Bass

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How can I catch pressured bass?

Catching Pressured Bass

Many of the bass in heavily fished waters have been caught again and again. The result is often a lake full of bass that seem impossible to catch. Studies have shown that bass can be come “educated” and avoid the bait they've been hooked on, sometimes up to a year after being caught. I proved this to myself by using a standard chugger across the top of a pond, landing two small bass as I went. Once I'd walked the entire shoreline with the chugger I started over again with a floating crankbait. I used it as a topwater, dipping and bobbing with a completely different action than the chugger created but still on the surface. This time around the pond resulted in eight bass. Though not very scientific, my experiment convinced me that bass pass up many angler offerings, not for lack of angler skill but rather for lack of angler creativity. Try something different, present a standard bait in a unique way or simply invent a new cadence or presentation for an old lure. You'll start catching pressured bass.



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