Try hybrid stripers for fast sub-surface action.

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Try hybrid stripers for fast sub-surface action.

Try hybrid stripers for fast sub-surface action.

Try hybrid stripers for fast sub-surface action.
The ocean-run striped bass are originally a marine fish that was landlocked interior rivers were first impounded. Fisheries biologists found that though they could survive in fresh water, warmer summer temperatures on big fish led to high mortality. A cross between the native white bass and the ocean striper resulted in a hybrid that was a hardy, deep-bodied fish that routinely topped 12 pounds, or more. During the summer, look for seagulls pointing the way to fleeing shad. The hybrids will chase the shad up to the surface during the summer months. As the hybrids close in the shad will flip out of the water in an attempt to escape. Casting small baits into the fray means taking a hybrid on nearly every cast. Most hybrids are taken on crankbaits of one kind or another, especially Rogues or Rapala Husky Jerks. Half-ounce to three-quarter ounce Rattle Traps are also killers. Small in-line spinners and spoons tossed into the feeding frenzy also take plenty of fish. If it looks like a shad, it'll probably work.



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