Lay a Scent for Big Catfish

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How do I lay a scent for big catfish?

Lay a Scent for Big Catfish

Lay a scent for big catfish if you want to increase your catch of cats. Most of us plop a stinkbait or chicken liver onto the river bottom and let the fish take it from there. You'll increase your chances for a big, lazy cat if you try a simple trick that tournament anglers have discovered. Lay a scent trail by moving your bait. After you've dropped it and haven't had any action for about 20 minutes, move it about 10 yards or so and let it rest again. If you still haven't had a bite, move it again. Your bait is laying a water-borne scent that is giving your bait a lot more exposure than it would otherwise have. In the current, simply toss the bait downstream and keep moving it back to you. Hungry cats will get a whiff of the bait and start moving to locate the source of the scent. By moving your bait upstream you'll be intercepting the cats and make it easier to find.



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