Weighted Crankbaits for Coldwater Fish

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How can I up my odds for predator species in the late fall and early winter?

Weighted Crankbaits for Coldwater Fish

At times, the slowest, most sluggish-looking crankbait will be the one taking the fish. As water temperatures nose dive with the oncoming winter, fish metabolism slows and energy is at a premium. Bass, pike, muskies and walleyes are interested in big, easy-to-catch meals. You can cash in on the action by sacrificing one of your large crankbaits to a little self-modification. Attach a few weights designed for lures with just enough extra on the rear of the lure to tip that end downward a little more than the front end. The look you're trying to achieve is of a heavy-bodied preyfish with not long to live. The sluggish, haphazard dipping of the lure on the retrieve will send the signal that here's one that won't be hard to catch.



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