Hassle-Free Storage

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What's the best way to store my lures?

Hassle-Free Storage

Lures stored in a tacklebox may go in nicely but come out in a tangled mess of hooks. Not only do you run the risk of a poked finger while trying to pull out an old stand-by, the sharp points scratch up the finishes on the lure bodies.

Proper lure storage means keeping your assorted baits separate. Most tackleboxes already present a couple of trays with individual slots. Most tackleboxes are also woefully short of slots so a lot of baits end up in the bottom of the box. Buy small plastic sleeves or tubes that have caps that a single lure can fit into. With your crankbaits individually wrapped, so to speak, you can store them in whatever type of container you like. Just remember that the lures will need to be removed from their sleeves and tubes when you get home so they can dry out. If you seal wet lures in plastic you're asking for rusty hooks and mildewed crankbaits.

Crankbaits should be stored out of temperature extremes. A tacklebox on the dash on a sunny day can result in melted plastic baits. Dipping winter temperatures means that plastic parts of the lure will crack if handled too roughly.



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