Spool Up New Line for the New Walleye Fishing Season

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Is it important to change fishing line on my reels every year even if I did not use it much last season?

Spool Up New Line for the New Walleye Fishing Season

Considering that one of the most important connections an angler has to a fish is his or her fishing line, starting off the season with last season’s line still on your reels is not a good idea. Whether your target is walleye, bass or panfish, fresh fishing line will ensure you get the best performance from your presentations, not to mention you'll be more apt to end the fishing trip with stories of great catches instead of tales of the "one that got away".
For you walleye anglers, most of the early season action is typically centered on jigging. This means your spinning tackle should get first priority. When it comes to lines for jigging, no-stretch “super lines” or braided lines are tough to beat. These lines feature thin diameter for their pound-test weight and great sensitivity, allowing you to feel every bite. If you are an angler that prefers monofilament style lines, stick with lines in the 6 or 8 pound test range. Monofilament offers a little more stretch for fighting big fish and are generally much less expensive than the braided varieties.
Pay close attention when spooling your reels making sure the line does not twist as it goes on the spool. To make sure you put the right amount of line on each reel, spool the line on until there's about an eighth of an inch of spool lip visible.
Don't start your fishing season off on the wrong foot. Spool up with fresh fishing line and be ready to land the big ones.



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